Our Production Process

From 1 color jobs to 6 color jobs, we have the equipment to handle
your packaging needs.

Our prodcution process involves 5 steps from concept to its finished state.


Once your file is received it goes through a precise approval process. By doing this, we ensure that
your project is exactly the way that you want. Our approval team has been in the business for years
and has the experience needed to make sure your packaging is setup and ready to be printed to
meet your specific requirements.


Once your packaging has been approved, it moves to our printing process. Plates are created with the
approved file for the specified amount of colors the job consist of. Once the plates are produced, they
are setup onto our state-of-the-art printing presses. Our machines can print thousands of pieces of packaging
quickly with superb print quality.


Once your order has been printed, it makes its way to our die-cut machine that cuts your packaging to
its proper measurements. This includes any folds or holes that may need to be cut for the packaging to
function properly. Your packaging is then glued to specifications and is ready for our boxing process.


Once your order has been die-cut and glued, it is packaged in boxes and prepared for shipping.


In the final state of production, your order will be shipped and is now completed!

If you are interested in finding out in more detail how our prodcution process works, please feel
free to contact us with any questions you may have and someone will get back with you as soon as they
possibly can.